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    Besides well stocked shop with kayak equipment, sleeping accommodations and kayak school Prijon center is always offering you well spirited and helpful staff…

    The launch of season 2012 was accompanied with a well-received event, topped by live concert and great raffle prizes which among others saw the winner of the 1st prize take home Prijon forte kayak.

    Throughout the year full of unforgettable moments and spontaneous events we have organized also lectures about “wet” subjects. Among them were also Prijon center manager Igor and his friend’s trip to USA and extreme white water kayaking.

    Of course there was no stopping for us even at the end of a beautiful season, so we gathered yet again at the concert and sport film screenings, which all served as introduction to a painstaking waiting for this season’s new adventures. So, please do not hesitate and join us now in yet another pleasant, fun and even crazier season!

    We invite you to send us your e-mail address where you will be notified on time of all the details about our events and special offers.



    Anton Prijon, 1929 was born in Gorizia (Italy), but spent almost whole his childhood nearby Soča river. Even as a teenage boy he has won his first competition that he entered – in a boat that he designed and made by himself!

    It was year 1959, on river Vézère (France) when he became whitewater kayak world champion. Three years later in Rosenheim (Germany) he committed his life to family and together with his wife Lotte started a company Prijon.

    Until this day Anton Prijon stayed a big kayak enthusiast and an honorable member of Rosenheim kayak club. The company is ran by his son, Toni junior, his wife and his brother. They live and work in Rosenheim, but spend their vacations in Log pod Mangartom and on river Soča.




    Years ago in Čezsoča (near the town of  Bovec), just nearby entry spot for river Soča an idea of center for kayak and nature lovers was born.

    So in 1991 started the story of Prijon kayak center - a real meeting point for all enthusiasts serving them with kayak shop, sleeping facilities and top edge kayak school.

    Right from beginning the center was ran by its founder Anton Prijon. It was only in the year 2011 when - at age of 83! – Mr. Prijon passed the “torch” to more than 50 years younger kayaker Igor Mlekuž from Bovec.

    It’s Igor that is now through hard work and a lot of positive energy joining forces with his family and friends to follow very clear vision in which kayakers are joined with more and more sports and nature lovers. That is how in april 2012 the center started a new hapter under a new management and name PRIJON SPORT CENTER.