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  • kolesarjenje Bovška dolina

    Prijon Sport Center is widening the offer from the Soča river and its banks to the surrounding hills and mountains.

    Mountain biking: this exiting, relaxing and healthy sport is very enjoyable and in many ways can be compared with kayaking and other whitewater sports. And just like on the rapids, you can trust our guides as well as our top quality bikes.

    The possibilities for biking in the Soča valley are virtually limitless, so if you want to improve your biking skills, you can join us on our biking trips. They are intended for total beginners as well as expert bikers and each of them will reveal the most beautiful corners of the Bovec valley – regardless of your physical ability or time limit.


Our mountain bike guides recommend

  • 1/5Family trip (60 – 75 min)

    Ste na dopustu s celotno družino? Potem je Družinka ravno pravšnja za vse vas, saj sledi enostavnejšim, a izredno slikovitim in poučnim potem.


    The bike trip goes from Prijon Sport Center in Čezsoča village past Bovectowards Ravelnik, where we will visit the unique 1st World War open air museum.

    Beautifull trails and short road sections will bring us to the monumental Kluže fortress, where you can visit the museum/gallery, man made tunnels from the 1st World War and majestic gorge, carved out of the rock by the Koritnica river.

    Then it's time to head back and also make a short break in Bovec, before descending back to our starting point, Čezsoča.

  • 2/5Gorge trip (75 – 90 min)

    If you want to view one of the most beautifull natural wonders of Slovenia, the Soča gorges, this trip is definitely the one for you.


    From Prijon Sport Center in Čezsoča village past Slatenik stream we will bike to the foothills of Javoršček mountain, from where we will descent to the Sočariver and visit the wonders of its gorge.

    Full of new experiences we will soon cross the river and make a short climb on the main road  to the Kal-Koritnica village and proceed on a trail down to theconfluence of the Soča and Koritnica rivers.

    We will have a steep but short ascent ahead of us followed by the highlite of the trail –  a gravel descent that will take us back to the starting point infront of Prijon Sport Center.

  • 3/5Panorama trip (75 - 90 min)

    This trip is for those who like to at look the others from above. The trip featureswonderful views of the whole Bovec valley.


    We'll begin in front of Prijon Sport Center in Čezsoča village and warm up on the first climb towards Bovec. To begin with we will visit the 1st World War open air museum in Ravelnik and then continue towards the monumental Kluže fortress.

    This cultural heritage is complimented by the adventures on the left bank of theKoritnica river. After crossing the river we will have another ascent on a small asphalted road towards the peak of our trip.

    On the highest point of our trip, at the foothills of Rombon mountain, the wonderfull view of Bovec and surrounding villages awaits us. From here we will have a nice descent on a small forest road to the Bovec main square and then finish back infront of Prijon Sport Center in Čezsoča.

  • 4/5 Waterfall trip (90 – 120 min)

    A slightly longer trip, which provides some of the most beautifull sights that the Soca valley can offer. But don't get scared right away – the big climb is only at the beginning of the trip that takes us from Prijon Sport Center, on a gravel road past Bovec, up to Plužna village.


    There we will visit the Virje waterfall and the carstic source of the Gljun stream to refresh us, just before descending to the Bovec golf course. After just a little more pedaling we will arrive to the climax of our tour: the majestic Boka waterfall.

    There will be enough time to enjoy the view of the biggest waterfall in Slovenia. Enthused by the iconic waterfall we will then procede towards our finish back at the Prijon Sport Center in Čezsoča village.

  • 5/5Champions trip (120 – 150 min)

    This is the longest and the most demanding of our trips combining the best of the before mentioned trips.


    As usual, we will start in front of Prijon Sport Center and procede on forest roads to the foothills of Javoršček mountain and then to the Soča gorge. The main road will then lead us to the Kal-Koritnica village and further to Kukč. A hanging bridge will then cary us over the Koritnica river. A longer but moderate climb will take us past Bovec to Plužna village, where we will visit the carstic source of Gljun stream and the Virje waterfall.

    After descending to the Bovec golf course we will view the majestic Boka waterfall and then continue on the left bank of the Soča river to our final destination: Prijon Sport Center.