At our center  you can rent all types of Prijon kayaks and kayaking equipment (neoprene suit, shoes, swimming jackets, helmets, anoraks, spraydecks and paddles).

You can choose between the following kayaks:

1/2 Prijon wildwater kayaks:

    • CURVE PRO (NEW!)
    • PURE, S, XL
    • FORTE
    • ATLET
    • FLY
    • CROSS
    • SOČA

2/2 And the sea kayaks:

    • SEAYAK
    • SEAYAK 520
    • KODIAK
    • CRUISER 320


  • Prijon sport center izposoja opreme

    We rent equipment especially to pearsons with previous experiences on whitewater or accompanied with an experienced person.
    If you do not know well the river, we can recommend you the appropriate section and provide you the necessary informations. Here you can get the map of the river and the daily or weekly passes for the river for kayaking, canoeing, mini raft ... 



  • 300x200

    Quality vise Prijon’s sea kayaks are at the top of the world, made in Europe and available in different sizes, materials and price ranges. Their supremacy is proven by numerous rewards and prizes, including from world’s biggest kayak fair Paddle expo. Special recognition of the quality came in 2012, when Prijon marlin prilite was awarded 1st place by reader’s choice of renowned Kanu magazine.
     It’s wide diversity of Prijon line-up that ensures you, that you will find just the one kayak that suits your wishes and needs the most. But just in case that great selection overflows you, you can always turn to us for help or any additional information. We will talk you trough where are you planning to row the most (sea, lakes or calm rivers), how long will your trips be (daily or longer) and what do you demand from your kayak (stability, speed, all-roundness…). Based on our findings we will try to ease your choice and be more than happy to support you ever after on your kayaking voyage.
    Beside all of that we are offering you a possibility of testing our kayaks on water. Any of the kayaks from our stock can be rented for free (if purchase is later made) and taken on nearby lake of Rabelj (Cave di Predil) or tested in Most na Soči Prijon center. We promise you will not be sorry to take on this unique opportunity.



  • Forte is one of the biggest Prijon’s novelties in recent years. Although a quite all-round kayak (river runner) its unique technical features enable experienced paddlers to cope even with toughest parts of rivers (e.g. Trnovo - Kobarid) and leave nobody cold-blooded. Special design of the bottom and sides are prime factors of his agility on rough parts and comfort while paddling on calmer parts of the river. This unique combination makes Forte as one of the best all-round kayaks ideal for advanced paddlers or those who are willing to become one, but would like first to master their feelings of the balance and water.

    Its versatility is more than proven by tester’s satisfaction, which hasn’t been at all affected by the fact that is available in one size only (max weight allowed 85 kg). Praised instantly or after hours of testing, Forte always delivers. Much like the testing opportunity as a result of the Prijon center initiative, which has been complimented throughout the attendees.



  • Sports equipment Testival reached its peak in July 2012, when everybody was invited to get to know the equipment thoroughly and test the kayaks on the river. This time Pure joined the Forte kayak in a opportunity to test them in the picturesque part of the river in between camp Toni and Čezsoča village.
    Numerous attendees and their overwhelming feed-backs have convinced us that we should proceed with even more test initiative like this and present the latest, the most advanced and the best from the sport that unites us all.

    That’s why you are kindly invited to post us your e-mail address and thus enable us to notify you promptly about all the novelties and events from Prijon sport center.


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