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    Freshly renovated and even better stocked shop is offering you everything what you need for white water or lake/sea paddling. Products from leading kayak manufacturers are available for you. The widest selection is offered from Prijon starting from kayaks, paddles, helmets, wetsuits, windbreakers, safety jackets and spray decks all the way to thermo underwear, cotton shirts and bags. Here you will find everything that you need for transport, repair of kayak and kayak gear maintenance.

    Our selling program consists of brand names like Sandiline, Sweet Protection, NRS, Arc'teryx, Astral, HF, VolcomWe have also added the free time clothing, so even non-kayakers can find a thing or two for themselves.

    Whatever your interest is, you can count on full support from experienced kayakers and professionals, offering you also the chance to buy Soča passes. Even if the whole thing becomes overwhelming you can easily recuperate and relax right there in the shop – while watching any of the numerous kayak films.

  • Products offered

    You can get the full Prijon boats selection at our sport center, ranging from white water kayaks to so called seayaks or kayaks for lakes and seas:

      • white water kayaks: the new Curve, Pure, Forte and older models Chopper, Soča, Fly in Cross
      • Seayaks: Seayak, Marlin, Kodiak, Proteus, Baracuda, Excursion, Poseidon, Yukon, Touryak, Motion, Alborea, Laguna, Dayliner, Flipper, Capri, Piave, Cruiser…

      • We offer also kayak gear:

      • various kinds of spray decks (neopren or nylon)
      • white water and sea paddles (at least 10 different types offered) 
      • safety jackets (Prijon, Sandiline, Artistic),
      • helmets (Prijon, Sweet Protection, Artistic), 
      • drysuits (Prijon, Sandiline, Artistic, Sweet Protection),
      • neoprene trousers ans shirts (Prijon, Sandiline),
      • boots (Prijon, Artistic),
      • kayak accessories (rudders, spare parts), water resistant bags and transport (roof carriers, boat carriage)
      • free time clothing and shoes