Our new online shop has come to life!

We’ve been preparing it for a while, now it’s finally here!

Your new kayak gear is just a click away. From today on, you can buy online just about everything you need for kayaking and outdoor activities.

You can enter our new online shop via our website, where you click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner of the screen or directly via link https://shop.prijon-sportcenter.si/en/.

There you can find most of the products that we also offer in the  actual store, which is located in Čezsoča, right next to the Soča River. But when the time is right, do come and visit us! We will be happy to chat with you and offer an advice as well.

Happy shopping!

Third Soča Kayak Fest 18th – 20th of May 2024

Once again, we will celebrate new season with the already traditional, 3rd Soča Kayak Fest.

We will join forces with Prijon GmbH and prepare a weekend of socializing and fun. The gathering will take place in our center between 18th and 20th of May.

Save the date and stay tuned to our social media for more info.

Soča Kayak Fest 2023

Last year we opened the new season very successfully with the Kayak Fest. So this year we naturally decided to repeat the weekend of fun in our center, again with cooperation with Prijon GmbH!

Reserve the weekend of May 27th and 28th and join us at Soča Kayak Fest 2023!

Again this year, we will provide a veried sport and entertainment program.

Saturday 27.5.:

  • Prijon kayak test
  • Video projection: Kayaking expedition in Bolivia and Colombia (Marinus Bauer, Prijon Team paddler)
  • Evening concert: Milizza Band

Sunday 28.5. :

  • Prijon kayak test
  • DJ
  • Food stand
  • Prijon Sport Center practical prize draw

See you in the last weekend of May!

New: Prijon PARTY PIKE!

Prijon’s popular PIKE model finally got its upgrade!

This season comes the PARTY PIKE, a fast and very agile »riverplay« kayak with a super straight back. If we compare it with the classic Pike, we quickly see that the rear part is significantly thinner, with a smaller volume and therefore sits deeper in the water. This makes it much easier to sink the rear end and perform tricks, especially for lighter kayakers. All kayakers up to around 85 kg can ride it very smoothly on wild water.

The classic Pike has thus been transformed from a lively »riverrunner« into a playful boat for performing tricks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try it in our center in the new season!

Soča Kayak Fest

Instead of the traditional easter season-opening, this year we decided to prepare a weekend of gathering, music, and kayak testing, together with Prijon GmbH. We have several very good reasons for this.  It’s Prijon GmbH’s 60th anniversary this year and their famous kayak Taifun is celebrating as well. This year marks the 40 years since Taifun was introduced to the market and caused a real revolution in this sport.

So save the date(s) _ June 4th and 5th for the Soča Kayak Fest. The program will be varied!

Saturday, 4.6.:

  • Prijon kayak testing
  • conversation with Toni Prijon
  • Evening live concert with Millizza Band

Sunday, 5.6.:

  • Prijon kayak testing
  • Live music with the DJ
  • burgers
  • Prijon Sport Center Prize draw

See you soon!

A very special year

We are looking forward to 2022 and the season ahead. We have several, very good reasons for this.

First of all, we would like to point out that Prijon GmbH is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Toni Prijon started writing the history of sports back in 1946, when, while still in Slovenia at the time, he made his first kayak, in which he also competed. This was the beginning of his successful sports career, which he later continued in Germany. He was considered one of the world’s best kayakers, and as an extremely talented designer, Toni Prijon opened his workshop with his wife Lotte in Rosenheim in 1962. Today, 60 years later, the company continues to be successfully run by his son Toni Ptijon Jr., where it all began – in Rosenheim. We are proud that we have become a small part of this very succesfull story.

In addition to the already mentioned anniversary, this year also celebrates the famous Priyon kayak Taifun. In 1982, Toni Prijon introduced Taifun to the sports market, the first inflated wild water kayak made of HTP plastic, which caused a real revolution in the sport. With a completely new material and method of production, he set new standards for paddeling on wild water and thus moved the limits of what is possible by a few bars higher. Until the end of the year, the legendary, now retired kayak model, can also be seen at the Technical Museum in Bistra, where it is part of the exhibition Technique for Sport.

And last but not least, our center is celebrating this year. Full, round 10 years. And since this is not a small thing either, we will talk about this later in the season! Follow us for more info…!

Photo: Matjaž Lužar

Kayaker: Luka Reberšak

Recognition of the Municipality of Bovec for the year 2021

The Municipality of Bovec awards recognitions and prizes for achievements that contribute to a better life for citizens and are important for the development and reputation of the municipality every year. We are very honored and happy that Prijon Sport Center received the award this year. Owner and manager of the Prijon Sport Center Igor Mlekuž received the recognition of the Municipality of Bovec from the hands of Mayor Valter Mlekuž on Saturday, 3rd July 2021 at the solemn municipal session.

The recognition confirms that we are doing well and developing our center in the right direction, contributing to the community and enriching Bovec tourism. We are glad that our efforts have been recognized, both by the municipality and, last but not least, by you, dear guests, because you are coming back to us every year.

The recognition gives us a new power to do our best also in the future.

Photo: Milan Štulc

We were a part of the olympic story

On monday, 3.2.2021 slovenian Olympic torch started it’s way, right here in Bovec. It will travel all over Slovenia for 81 days, and on the very beginning it stopped in Čezsoča as well. Igor Mlekuž, the owner of Prijon Sport Center, became one of the 5000 sportsmen, that will carry the torch all over Slovenia. He took over the torch from the local cyclist team and paddle with it all the way to Srpenica hanging bridge, where he handed it over to the runners. They carried the torch all the way to Kobarid. The Olympic story is finally starting and we are very proud to become a small part of it.

Photo: Helena Kermelj

Prijon Sport Center with new website & brand identity!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our new website, sporting a completely new look in line with new brand identity. Probably everyone that stayed or visited us multiple times knows that we always strive to create something new every season and we took advantage of this COVID-19 extended break to completely redo our visual identity, as well as our website.

Our new visual identity follows our mission and – we feel – represents who we are. It is relaxed, connected to and with nature and refreshing. Admittedly, not as refreshing as River Soča, but we believe that with our color palette we managed to made the connection apparent. With this rebranding we are continuing our development and are following the predominant trends in marketing and visual communication.

On our new website you will find all the key information that we feel you’ll find useful and valuable. Besides the overall presentation of Prijon Sport Center and what we offer, you can now send inquiries and reservations directly through the webpage (or you can of course still simply call us on the phone number included). The new reservation system supports both accommodations, equipment rentals, as well as the courses within our Kayak School. Our goal was to provide you with all the necessary information in a very fast and straight forward way. Key focus of our website (as well as what we do) is still dedicated to our Kayak School at Prijon Sport Center. You can now browse through all available courses and check all the course contents, pricing etc. directly online!

We also have a special place on our webpage for our all-star teammate: River Soča. On a dedicated webpage you will find all the up-to-date information about River Soča – height, difficulty level as well as all access points at which you can enter or exit the river. We connected the information with the database of National Weather Agency. Equipped with right equipment and information you will be able to safely discover and enjoy River Soča!

Although we’ve made a big redesign and changed how we look like – make no mistake: the atmosphere at Prijon Sport Center remains top-class and our team getting better and better with every passing year and satisfied visitor. Don’t believe us? We can’t wait to welcome you back in person soon so you’ll be able to see it yourself!

Renovated rooms at Prijon Sport Center

Our new website is not the only thing, that was upgraded this year! To make your stay by the Soča River even more comfortable, we renovated all our rooms above the shop. So now, after a long day on the river or in the mountains, you’ll be able to take a hot shower in private bathrooms! Another novelty is an apartment, that besides the gorgeous view of the Soča river, now offers a private kitchen as well! (The first floor will also get it’s on the TV screen, for the long summer evenings, when you’ll just want to relax and see a good movie.) We are looking forward to the day when the new rooms are going to welcome our first guests!