Recognition of the Municipality of Bovec for the year 2021

The Municipality of Bovec awards recognitions and prizes for achievements that contribute to a better life for citizens and are important for the development and reputation of the municipality every year. We are very honored and happy that Prijon Sport Center received the award this year. Owner and manager of the Prijon Sport Center Igor Mlekuž received the recognition of the Municipality of Bovec from the hands of Mayor Valter Mlekuž on Saturday, 3rd July 2021 at the solemn municipal session.

The recognition confirms that we are doing well and developing our center in the right direction, contributing to the community and enriching Bovec tourism. We are glad that our efforts have been recognized, both by the municipality and, last but not least, by you, dear guests, because you are coming back to us every year.

The recognition gives us a new power to do our best also in the future.

Photo: Milan Štulc