Prijon Sport Center with new website & brand identity!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our new website, sporting a completely new look in line with new brand identity. Probably everyone that stayed or visited us multiple times knows that we always strive to create something new every season and we took advantage of this COVID-19 extended break to completely redo our visual identity, as well as our website.

Our new visual identity follows our mission and – we feel – represents who we are. It is relaxed, connected to and with nature and refreshing. Admittedly, not as refreshing as River Soča, but we believe that with our color palette we managed to made the connection apparent. With this rebranding we are continuing our development and are following the predominant trends in marketing and visual communication.

On our new website you will find all the key information that we feel you’ll find useful and valuable. Besides the overall presentation of Prijon Sport Center and what we offer, you can now send inquiries and reservations directly through the webpage (or you can of course still simply call us on the phone number included). The new reservation system supports both accommodations, equipment rentals, as well as the courses within our Kayak School. Our goal was to provide you with all the necessary information in a very fast and straight forward way. Key focus of our website (as well as what we do) is still dedicated to our Kayak School at Prijon Sport Center. You can now browse through all available courses and check all the course contents, pricing etc. directly online!

We also have a special place on our webpage for our all-star teammate: River Soča. On a dedicated webpage you will find all the up-to-date information about River Soča – height, difficulty level as well as all access points at which you can enter or exit the river. We connected the information with the database of National Weather Agency. Equipped with right equipment and information you will be able to safely discover and enjoy River Soča!

Although we’ve made a big redesign and changed how we look like – make no mistake: the atmosphere at Prijon Sport Center remains top-class and our team getting better and better with every passing year and satisfied visitor. Don’t believe us? We can’t wait to welcome you back in person soon so you’ll be able to see it yourself!