Everybody is warmly welcome in our Prijon Sport Center kayak school!

  • Prijon sport center šola kajaka

    Complete beginners are welcome to be familiarized with the kayak equipment, basic paddling techniques and the Soča river of course. Even advanced kayakers are sure to have their knowledge and expertise upgraded – in our Prijon kayak school in Slovenia we have prepared diverse courses just for you.
    But no matter how big your expertise are, we are here to make sure you enjoy river wonders, respect it and above all recognize its traps and thus become better, safer paddler.


We have the following courses

1/5 Begginers courses - courses for all family

  • Anyone can join our basic kayak courses; including children and those who have never sat in a kayak before. Prijon Sport Center kayak school provides you with all the necessary equipment and give you the basic knowledge needed to tame the waves of the Soča river.

2/5Advanced courses – for improving your skills

  • Meant for paddlers with basic knowledge, which would like to refine their skills and become better kayakers.
    With the help of a highly qualified and certicicated instructor, every stroke you will make will be more efficient and determined. This way you will feel more comfortable and self-confident in the kayak - and your enjoyment will be even bigger.

3/5Eskimo course - learning the Eskimo roll

  • Knowing how to do the eskimo roll properly is essential for a safer kayaking experience. With the use of this technique, you will be more relaxed while paddling, without the fear of swimming in a cold river and emptying the water from a kayak on the river bank.
    The course is suitable either for complete kayak beginners or advanced paddlers.

4/5Pro courses - for most experienced and daring

  • This is the best choice for anyone who would like to learn how to paddle rivers of higher levels of difficulty. Accompanying you will be a highly qualified and certificated kayak instructor on whom you can rely even in the most difficult situations.

5/5Freestyle course – playing with river

  • It is intended for those who would like to learn freestyle technique and master new rodeo moves and tricks.


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