Lifelong Commitment
To Kayaking​



Prijon Sport Center is a go-to place for kayakers and kayakers-to-be, as well as for adventurers who want to stay in unspoiled nature and explore the magnificent Soča Valley with emerald Soča River flowing just past Prijon Sport Center.

Within Prijon Sport Center you will be able to learn new skills in our Kayak School, buy or rent kayaking equipment and bikes, stay in our rooms or campsite, as well as chill and relax in our garden bar where we host different events and gatherings.

“When we took over Prijon Kayak Center we wanted to make a unique meeting point, where
kayakers come together and get all the information needed for exploring Soča River. It soon
became obvious that not everyone travel with their kayaks, so we started expanding our center
and included also equipment rentals and a dedicated shop. I always wanted to have a really cool
shop – not just a warehouse with boats and technical equipment – but a shop, where everyone
could enjoy their shopping experience, from professional paddlers to complete beginners. And I
think, that over the years, we managed to do exactly that! We created a shop for everyone with
the aim to support you on the journey you are on. So, if I had to sum it all up, our center is really a
place where you always find a kayak buddy, a hiking partner, or just a friendly face to talk to.”

Igor Mlekuž

Prijon Sport Center Owner

Birthplace of modern kayak

ANton prijon SENIOR

If ‘Prijon’ in our name associated you to kayak manufacturer Prijon – you were right to do so. Our sport center has a rich history and is located at a place where the famed founder of Prijon Kayaks – Anton Prijon – spent his childhood and made his first kayak. When you come and stay with us or take part in our activities, you are witnessing directly history of kayaking in action.

After he became World Champion in kayaking using his own kayaks in 1959, he started a family with his wife Lotte in Germany, where in 1962 he founded his namesake company – Prijon. His lifelong passion for kayaks and whitewater ran throughout his life and he remained closely connected with his home country Slovenia. He kept returning to Čezsoča ever year, where he founded Prijon Sport Center – primarily kayaking center with a dedicated store. He was a fervent supporter of youth and youthful initiatives, which helped spur the whole sport and tourist industry in Soča Valley.

In 2011, Anton Prijon selected Igor Mlekuž, a young kayaker to continue his mission at Prijon Sport Center, while his company Prijon is helmed by his eldest son Toni, whose family continues to keep strong links with Soča Valley by annually vacationing on Soča River.


Soča River is undoubtedly one of the river pearls of Europe. With its emerald color, fast rapids and treacherous currents it has drawn attention of ever larger number of eager kayakers and tourists. Those of us who live with it day in and day out have seen it slowly bend below the burden of mass tourism.

Our team will help you enjoy everything our beautiful nature has to offer in a responsible and safe way – both for you and for our nature, which is one of the reasons why travelers are returning year after year to our sport center.

Chill out and relax in our garden


We have plenty to offer for your adrenalin dose, but we did not forget about the more relaxed parts of the day. Gathering and coming together is very important to us. If you are like many of our visitors, you will probably create bonds of friendship with others and have as great of a time off river as on the river.

The center stage for all of this is the atrium garden of our sport center, where you’ll be able to meet up other explorers from all around the world. We have you sorted with cold and warm beverages, snack, as well as frequent evening gatherings with live music or DJs.